Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Messy Proof

Here's what my kitchen looks like when I'm in the middle of a mess-making marathon or what some of you may commonly refer to as cooking. Please note the Nesquik, this is a necessity at our household as Jilly is a two-cup girl. We've got her on a 10-step program. I wish I were kidding. She is not a morning person (or an afternoon person), she needs a shot of calcium with a double dose of sugar and chocolate in order to function.

And here's what the kitchen looks like after a cleaning spree. I may make a lot of messes but that just means I spend a lot of time cleaning them up. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Here's another picture of my mess when I'm 'working'. I think I was menu planning, making a shopping list, and working on ideas for our upcoming Girls Tea Party.
And here are the very best Messes I've ever made! And, yes, they really are messes, I tried to think of a cute anagram to represent MESS but it really wasn't going well...Mom's Extra Special Sweeties..oh gag me with a spoon!
The JDC CLUB ~ Myrtle Beach, SC ~ August 2008