Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happiness is...

Happiness is a full cookie jar.

Happiness is my family enjoying my homemade treats (the jar is currently 1/3 empty.)

Happiness is knowing my day slaving over two big batches of cookies was not spent in vain. (Oh my aching feet!)

Happiness is the fact I've only eaten two, that's right only two, of my delicious creations. One PB cookie, hot from the oven, oh yes, and tonight for dessert one chocolate chip masterpiece. Okay, so maybe you wouldn't call a simple Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie a masterpiece but this is my blog and I choose to put it in that category. Now for a true Louvre-worthy masterpiece, you must try the Mall Cinnamon Rolls I made last week...oh good gracious they were spectacular. To quote Daryl (hubby), 'why are you doing this to me?' Yeah, they were that good.

I believe happiness is a daily choice. The joy of the Lord is my strength. It's my choice whether I rely on that strength day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Somedays I make the right choice all day long (well you know, again my blog, my version of the story), I start my day with devotions and prayer. I am kind to my children and honor and respect my husband. Other days it's a struggle from the moment my feet hit the floor. I snap at the children and complain to the hubby. And it's only taken me about 13 years to learn the old adage 'when mama ain't happy, nobody's happy', is really true.

I realize there are days when storms hit and happiness is not in the forecast. But I'm addressing the ordinary, regular routine days (do these really exist?). I, me, Pam, I set the tone for my family's days. I can't tell you how many times my boys have left for school and I wish I could call them back in and apologize for fussing about shoes or shirts or the mess they left from breakfast. What a great thing way to start your day (read with saracasm)...mom fussing again...sigh... So one of my goals this year is realize how my 'tude and tone affect everybody else's tude and tone! Did I mention I'm an underachiever? But this is one goal that deserves a lot more effort.

Happiness is a Happy Mom...even is she is Messy!