Thursday, February 12, 2009

KP Duty

I’m not cleaning my kitchen today. I may get around to it eventually, well I’ve got to at least run the dishwasher or we won’t have any clean plates tonight. And cereal bowls morph into a disgusting mess so quickly (go ahead shudder with me). Oh how I miss my paper bowls and plates—which I guess were actually some kind of Styrofoam?--but my budget and I guess more importantly Mother Earth are happy I’ve quit buying them.

But back to the lack of kitchen cleaning today, a couple of nights ago I had a crazy dream. During my nighttime slumber, where I may or may not occasionally emit a delicate snore (Daryl may debate this description), I dreamed a tree fell on our house and crashed through the kitchen. Now, this in and of itself was not so weird, but I remember what my first thought was (in the dream) “all right, now I can finally get new countertops!”

So I’m currently sitting in my living room, watching the trees ~~~SWAY~~~! We’re under a high wind advisory here in the heart of Virginia and our home is surrounded by trees on three sides. Now, as hubby would say we’ve got good strong white oaks (or are they red? I’m sorry honey, I do listen, usually) and there’s nothing to worry about. But today I’ve decided to be superstitious and take the dream as a warning just in case…

Okay, that last sentence is an almost total falsehood (and, yes, I'm trying to tamp down the *hope* b/c I really would like new countertops but not b/c of a destructive runaway tree). The truth of the matter is I’m just not feeling the ‘clean’ today.

All I want is to stay is stay in my pjs ‘til noon and read the new book I got from (don't you love their cheaper books?). It’s a regency romance “Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh” by Nancy Butler who is one of my fav RR writers!

So I’m off to refill my cup and snuggle up with a book for an hour or two. Well maybe just one because we’ve got dental appointments today for the Main Messes. And I really do have to clean my mess in the kitchen...eventually.

Happy MessMaking!