Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

How’s your Monday starting off? Sigh. Well, it’s a rainy Monday here in Va. We need rain, or so my hubby and the weatherman tells me. My Monday started off wrong. Well, actually yesterday is when it started, but today it just got worse. Instead of a Monday Movie Quote, you’re getting my Manic Monday Madness.

Yesterday I was heading into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee when I heard this strange humming noise. I kinda looked around but in my pre-coffee fog I thought it might be my hearing. Honestly, first my eyes are ‘going’ and my hearing has never been the best….But back to the story, D comes in and says the fridge is making a weird noise. Great. Fabulous. Super Terrific! Did I say any of these things? Nope, not one of them. Well, I may have but if I did it was with a huge dose of saracasm.

So I spent yesterday afternoon lugging foodstuff from the 5-year-old *new* fridge to the 15-year-old basement fridge (thank goodness old Betsy is still chugging). The new fridge, which was bought so we could have more space, has now seen the repair man four times (not including repeat visits diagnois/repair). My repair man said basically ‘you’ve got a stupid lemon’. Well, those weren’t his words but that’s what he meant! Honestly he said I’ve never seen one refrigerator have so many problems.

Mr. Repair Man pulled out the fridge (wow, it’s really clean back there now—one good thing) and said ….”the compressor is gone, you’re looking at spending at least $600.” Boy he just likes to keep the good news coming, huh? Oh it gets better, “your warranty expired about a month ago.”

I’m about two seconds from auto shutdown at this point. He suggests we call the manufacturer and see if there’s anything they’re willing to do, but he wasn’t hopeful. I realize I am in no mental state to try and coerce someone into ‘understanding’ what we’ve been through. I’m thinking my crying and explaining I wouldn’t have bought the kids new Easter outfits if I’d known the fridge was going to breakdown would make any headway with anyone. So I make a phone call to hubby who is not really pleased that I (who am at home) don’t want to call. I try to make it sound good, like you’re the most persistent and persuasive one. But he’s not buying it, he knows I just don’t like dealing with this stuff.

I shot a quick email to my prayer partner and ten minutes later we have an acceptable answer. The company is paying for the part and we’re paying labor, should take the bill down closer to $200. More manageable. Especially when I was already starting to price new fridges…yikes!

At least the fridge got a complete and total clean up. If all goes as planned, it may be up and running by Wednesday or Thursday…until then I’ll be running up and down the stairs every time I need a snack. And if you're thinking that'll make me think twice before getting a snack...I'm way ahead of you, I'm just doubling up while I'm down there.