Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bible and a Massage

Have you ever tried to read the entire bible in a year? I have. Tried that is. So far I have not met with success…ever. I don’t think I’ve even really come close. I think it’s a major accomplishment when I can say I’ve actually read a scripture for seven days in a row (because reciting our theme verse in children’s church on Sunday counts, right? Just say yes so we can move on.).

Well once again I have set this lofty goal for myself. D sets this goal almost every year and accomplishes it every single stinking time. I am proud of him but as I’ve mentioned before he is a very disciplined person. If he decides he’s going to follow a reading plan, he does, it’s just that simple for him. I don’t think we need to bring up all my other failed attempts at discipline (dieting, keeping the house clean, not letting the laundry take over the house…sigh).

Since my busy days are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I usually try to catch up on housework and my daily disciplines on the other days. One of my favorite things to do is to kick back with my bible, a cup of coffee, my fabulous microfiber blanket (I really love that thing but that’ll have to be another day’s story), and D’s perfect Christmas gift from his perfect wife. Yes, I mean me. He’s not married to anybody else that would be so wrong.

I really try to treat him at Christmas because he asks for so little during the year, he really is almost perfection. I’m not even exaggerating. (I hope my sister-in-law is reading this, she’ll be gagging right now. Hi Paula!) So one of his gifts this year was this massage insert. It . is. Amazing. It does shiatsu and rolling massage, you can change the width of the rollers, you can do lower, upper, and my favorite is you can add some heat..oh yeah.

Since today is catch up day (I am currently only 23 chapters behind in the OT and I’ve honestly lost cost in the NT), I spent 30 minutes getting relaxed in the back and Getting My Head in the Word. That just reminded me of a skit our church kids did last weekend based off of this video. It was SO cute!!! I know this is a scattered topic and I apologize but I’ve been off the blog for a while so I’m trying to squeeze everything in.

So now I’m off to the torture machine… I mean elliptical so I can truthfully answer my trainer when he asks me today whether or not I worked out. If you’d like to see more things people love, head on over to Diaper Diaries!

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And if you're interested I to follow the reading plan in Our Daily Bread devotionals