Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday

In my ever-evolving quest to lower my grocery budget, I have begun baking almost all of our snack foods. The easiest and yummiest is definitely cookies! We like ours soft and gooey. The Messes current favorite is a peanut buttery cookie w/ chocolate chips (I’ll try and post that on Friday).

So in order to save my aching and sticky hands I decided I MUST have a cookie scoop. I searched my Target high and low, no cookie scoop! I searched my grocery stores, no cookie scoop! I almost broke down and bought one from Amazon but then I remembered our Tuesday Morning. Do you have one of these near you? Our store has a great selection of kitchen gadgets. I’m thankful I made it out of there for under $20. It was dicey for a while I almost lost control quite a few times. Many items were picked up, thoughtfully considered, and painfully put back on the shelf. I will be back for you lovely Calphalon loaf pans. I dream of perfect loaves of crusty fresh bread. (Why is crusty okay to describe bread but otherwise evokes disgust? Just a thought.)

And there she was. There were several colors but oh turquoise-y beauty, you had me at $4.99.

And so on Monday I scooped out perfect little balls of yummy goodness in no time flat. It took me a few tries to figure out how she liked to be handled, but once I did we made dozens of cookies together and it was beautiful!

So my cookie scoop works for me!

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~*Michelle*~ said...

Love it.....and yes, making snacks is so much more economical...and fun!

Have a wonderful day

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Oh, I love the color! I have a hard time getting out of that store without too much! I wish I had homemade cookies all the time!

Buffie said...

My cookie scoop broke and I have been missing it. I'm going to have to get one soon.

caroline said...

My first cookie scoop broke but by that time, I was so hooked on it that I had to get a replacement asap and ended up going for an all metal one since I knew I'd use it.

I also use it for:
muffins (2-3 scoops for regular size, 1 for mini)
pancakes (I usually do mini ones)

Tracey said...

Don't forget to use that beauty for making melon balls as well!
But, mmmmm, cookies...I will be back on Friday for the recipe!

Jerralea said...

I have a Pampered Chef scoop and love it. It's my favorite gadget - ok, one of my favorites.