Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! We had a very fun weekend here at the Messy Manor House. We’ve been saving up for a golf cart and this weekend we found a good deal! The kids are so excited and will be even more so when hubby brings it home today. I’ll try and post some pics this week. Hopefully they won’t be of the damage I inflict on the trees in our driveway. I’m praying I don’t embarrass myself driving around the ‘hood. I ain’t even joking...

So here’s our menu for this week:

Monday – Pork Tenderloin
(still debating between Honey-Hosin recipe and old fashioned roasted w/ veggies)

Tuesday – Leftovers J (gymnastics and baseball practice)

Wednesday – Homemade pizza

Thursday – Lasagna

Friday – Birthday Party/Dinner @ Church Yay!

Here’s the goals for today’s Bake-O-Rama:
Fill up the cookie jar
Rice krispy treats
Granola bars
Refrigerator rolls

Hope you all have a fabulous and blessed week!


Victoria said...

I love old fashion pork roast with veggies. YUM!