Thursday, March 19, 2009

Golf Cart Fun

We have been saving/searching for a golf cart for about a year now, and this weekend we found 'the one.' We set a budget, researched, revised budget, researched, waited, looked, test drove, and finally made the purchase.

The Messes are ecstatic, we've never had anything simliar so its pretty exciting. We're hoping it will help the two older messes in their all-too-quickly-coming journey to becoming licensed drivers. It also will save a lot of wear and tear on the 'burban this summer. We make LOTs of short trips to the bus stop, the grandparents, to take trash, and possibly the most important--my brother-in-law's pool!

So here's a picture of hubby, girls, and niece enjoying the sunny afternoon with a leisurely ride around the yard. I title this "Golf Cart Fun."

Let's fast forward a bit to the boys and their dad taking the cart for a joyride over to the grandparents. Jared is driving with dad right beside him. Josh is on the backseat. Josh (remember he's 13 and his brain doesn't really work) decides to stand up and 'let go.' Hubby said he heard a funny noise,turned around, and Josh is HANGING ON to the golf cart being drug down the dirt road. Did I mention his brain doesn't work?

Now here's a picture of dirt road rash, I title this "Not Golf Cart Fun":

Sigh...boys. He's fine and, yes, we're thankful it wasn't worse, and he now has a new appreciation for sitting down while riding a golf cart.

Lesson learned? Considering he's a 13-year-old boy..I seriously doubt it. He spent the entire night at church bragging about his 'battle scars' and showing everyone, the goofball was so proud.

PS - I definitely am obsessed with blogging, I had to have a pic before we even cleaned him up and he was like 'you're going blog this aren't you?' 'What? Me expose your goofiness to the whole world? Of course I am!'