Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stuffing the Colliers

We occasionally play a game after dinner we affectionately call ‘Stuffing’ and D thought tonight would be a great night to break it out. We got the idea from a parenting book we read in our Sunday School class.

Here’s the game. We pick one person (in birth order, reverse birth order, how we’re sitting) and we go around the table and everybody says one nice thing about that person. Then we go on to the next. The goal is to ‘stuff’ each person with compliments. Usually we try to keep it to a one or two sentence statement, no repeats, and no saying ‘they’re nice.’ We like for it to be as specific as possible. For example, today Josie (8) said to Josh (13) “I like it when you help me with my homework.” Nice job, Josie. Josie said she liked her dad because he said she could have a bunny (I totally called that one in advance!) I said to D, ‘thanks for calling the fridge people today, I really appreciated it.’ (He totally called that one too.)

One of my favorite parts of this game is what the kids say about Daryl and I. One day I’m going to ban the phrases ‘she cooks dinner’ or ‘makes good food’ from my list! But overall it’s a lot of fun and occasionally eye opening. Yep, we enjoy a field trip to the corn fields every now and then, people…all right, all right, we’ve bought property there (add this to my list of ever growing second homes..I still haven’t sold my Egyptian waterfront home). Mercy! I’m following some huge rabbits tonight, sorry, back on topic!

Of course, there are those moments when, well, I don’t even know how to describe it, except to just tell you. We went in birth order tonight so Jill (4) was our last stuffee. And it was Jared’s (11) turn. Jared said something nice about her being funny and then he says “I don’t mean this to be mean or anything but Jill is like Smegal from Lord of the Rings.” Okay, we all just about lost it then but his explanation was even funnier. He said “you know, how she’s got like a nice side and she’s all helpful and sweet but then sometimes she’s like ’It’s mine! My precious! It’s like she’s two different people.”

So we are all hee-hawing out loud at this! And of course Jill, who craves the spotlight anyway, just loved it that Jared was talking about her, she didn’t care. Thankfully she doesn’t know who Smegal is or she’d probably have thrown her plate at his head.

So on this Tuesday, I am grateful for my family and for memories made around the dinner table and if I get my nerve up and am not embarrassed by my children's weirdness I will link this post to Gratitude Tuesdays at Heavenly Homemakers.